Offer comprehensive IP
service in view of enterprise operation.

We care slight differences, pay attention to micro details,
and thus provide professional services beyond your expectation.

Our core value is to maximize your IPR value.

About FZ

FZ Patent & Trademark Ltd. was founded in 2014 and moved its headquarter to Hall W84 of the Incubation Center in the Long-Yuan Research Park, NCSIST, in 2018. FZ's major clients covers NCSIST, ITRI, colleges and universities in Taiwan, as well as prize-awarded startups. FZ is experienced in patent analysis and portfolio strategies, and has been entrusted by many listed Taiwan companies to provide patent-mapping services.
Strategical Offices:
Taiwan: Taoyuan, Zhubei, Changhua, Tainan, Kaohsiung
China: Beijing, Shenzhen
FZ aims to offer comprehensive IP services, which includes:
  • Worldwide patent portfolio management and prosecution
  • Worldwide trademark portfolio management and registration
  • IP counseling service
  • IP dispute management and design-around
  • Patent monitoring
  • Customized IP educational training
  • IP evaluation and value-added services
FZ also helps foreign customers in handling their patent portfolios in Taiwan and China, as well as their trademarks and copyrights.
FZ is experienced in handling worldwide patent and trademark portfolios, and works with many law firm before many patent/trademark offices, including USPTO, EPO/EUIPO, ARIPO, JIPO, KIPO, UKIPO,Commonwealth of Nations, National Industrial Property Institute of France, DPMA of Germany, Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department, MIIPO, Rospatent, Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, MyIPO, IPO Pakistan, Industrial Property Offices of Nigeria, Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia, Intellectual Property India, CIPC of South Africa, DIP of Thailand, Intellectual Property Department of Myanmar, IPOPHL, IP Viet Nam, etc.」

Our exclusivities

High Efficiency and Excellent Quality

Our counsels/staffs will evaluate and analyze each case and provide high-quality prosecution documents, to file them with IP offices efficiently.

We may represent our clients directly before TIPO and CNIPA without entrusting the case further to other local agencies:

Hence, the legal fee may be saved and the cost of the clients would be reduced.

Our legal fees are competitive:

Due to our offices in China, we can file our clients' case by the e-filing systems in China and the relevant costs are about 50% lower than other firms. In addition, we may obtain the application no. and the application date on the same date that the application documents are ready.

Safe and immediate response:

In the past, other firms would entrust the cases to the local firms in China and rely on them to report any notifications issued by CNIPA back to the clients. For our e-filing system in communication with CNIPA, we would be notified any new status of the cases directly and immediately, and thus may report to our clients simultaneously. No cases would be lost and become an "orphan", resulting in the lapse/abandonment of the patent/trademark rights.

Our Services

Patent Analysis

Patent management map analysis、Patent technology analysis、Patent technology Application analysis

Intellectual rights layout and application

Patent application & portfolio、Trademark application & portfolio、Copyright、Trade secret、Integrated circuit、New varieties

Dispute case treatment

Invalidation of patent right、Patent infringement comparison、Patent Cliam、Trademark infringement comparison、Trademark Cliam、Copyright dispute case treatment、Trade secret dispute case treatment、Integrated circuit dispute case treatment、New variety dispute treatmen

Corporate intellectual advisor

Copyright consultant、Trade secret consultant

Patent Forewarning

Competitor patent monitoring

Intellectual rights value added

Patent Portfolio Management

Intellectual rights training

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